Questions about the photo mosaic

1. questions about us

Who are you people?

The brothers Sander and Joris Oudendijk founded MakeMyMosaic in 2009 and have been pushing the idea of the personal photo mosaic ever since. The idea was well received by our customers and the demand for our products has increased continuously. Since we could no longer manage the work on our own, we put together a team of young & creative employees who actively support us. In this way we can guarantee a customer-oriented and fast service!

Do you have a job for me?
Not at the moment.
If you still think that we should get to know you, please contact us!

2. questions about the order process

How does the order work?

First click on “Order”, upload main picture & single pictures and specify whether your photo mosaic should be printed on poster, canvas, aluminium or acrylic glass.
We will now create your personal photo mosaic! Within one working day you will receive a preview of your photo mosaic by e-mail, which we will be happy to further optimize according to your wishes. All this is done free of charge and without obligation.
Your photo mosaic is what you want it to be? Your mosaic with tracking number will be sent to you immediately after receipt of payment!

Is the preview really free of charge?
Yes, preview requests and change requests do not cost anything and do not oblige to purchase.

What is the maximum number of pictures that can be uploaded?
The upper limit is about 10,000 pictures per request.

How big can the pictures be?
The maximum size of an image is 50Mb.

Can I upload scanned images?
Sure, if they are uploaded as jpg! When scanning, however, the area around the image is also scanned. Therefore, we recommend to remove this area before uploading with an image processing program.

How long does it take to upload images?
With an average Internet connection, uploading takes about 1 second per image thanks to image compression.

I can’t upload my pictures, what now?
Please check if you have an advertising or javascript blocker installed and deactivate it on our site. If this doesn’t help, try uploading the images to another computer. If necessary, the pictures can also be sent to us by post on a data carrier. However, data carriers will not be returned, but destroyed.

MakeMyMosaic GmbH
Uppsprunger Street 24
34431 Marsberg, Germany

Please enter your name, e-mail address, delivery address, desired image size and product request and mark which of the images should be the main image. Please also send us an e-mail so that we know beforehand!

I have not received an order confirmation?
After you have completed your preview request, a confirmation e-mail will be sent automatically. If this has not arrived within an hour, you may have mistyped your e-mail address. Or the e-mail has landed in the folder for unwanted advertising. Please just contact us, then we’ll clarify that!

Can I upload additional pictures to an order?
We ask you to upload all images together for one order. So for an existing order a new request should be made.

3. questions on data protection

What happens to my uploaded photos?
The images will only be used to create the mosaic and will be deleted 3 months after receipt of payment. Please note that no repeat orders can be placed after this period! All data will be protected until then and nothing will be passed on, copied, released, published or similar will be done. If no order is placed, all data will also be deleted after 3 months. If a premature deletion of the data should be desired, we are available under

Who can see my pictures?
Your order will be processed by us personally and is therefore visible to the MakeMyMosaic team. However, the individual images are automatically reduced in size, compressed and reformatted when uploaded, so that your images are only sent to us in small format.

– More about our privacy policy

4. questions about the photo mosaic

How many pictures do I need?
Optimal are more than 50 single images, independent of the product size. In total 1500 – 2500 pictures fit into a mosaic. The possibilities range from a single picture to thousands! The more pictures are worked in, the fewer repetitions there are in your photo mosaic and the more clearly the main picture can be represented.

Do I have to pay attention to something in the main picture? Can it also be a logo?
We recommend for a beautiful photo mosaic a main picture with many different colors and few details. There is actually hardly a picture with which we cannot make a beautiful photo mosaic! The main picture may of course also be a logo. The picture can also be relatively small for the photo mosaic. If there should be difficulties, we will point them out to you.

Do you also offer mosaics on postcards or as puzzles?
Theoretically it is possible to create mosaics in smaller formats. However, the individual images would then hardly be recognizable. Since we only want to offer our customers products of the highest quality, we do not offer mosaic postcards and mosaic puzzles.

Do the colors of the individual images have to match the colors of the main image?
Different colors are no problem. If the colors do not match, we will adjust the colors of the images so that the main image remains true to color.

How large are the individual images?
We adjust the size of the individual images according to the image format, number of images and type of the main image. They usually have an edge length of 9 – 20 mm.

Do all uploaded single images appear in my photo mosaic?
In general, each image appears at least 1 time in your photo mosaic. Except, more images have been uploaded than fit in the photo mosaic. However, if certain images interfere with the main image, we reserve the right to remove them.

Can the display direction of the individual images change?
In order to have the largest possible variety of single images available for the creation of your mosaic, we also use their respective mirror images in addition to the originals. This can lead to undesired effects – especially if single images contain text elements. If you do not agree with the standard mirroring of individual images in your mosaic, please let us know when you send us your preview request.

Can I also only have the image file from the photo mosaic?
You are also welcome to buy only one digital file in PDF format. You can also order the PDF version of your mosaic as an accessory for each product.

Synonyms for the photo mosaic
Often a photo mosaic is also described as a picture from pictures. Often the product photo mosaic is also called a mosaic image. For this reason there is still another starting side with the synonym mosaic picture, you can find this here.

5. questions about shipping

What do packaging and shipping cost?

The standard shipping costs for deliveries within Germany are 8,90€.

For bulky goods (products from 160x120cm) we charge 17,00€ for shipping.

For deliveries to an island please note that after an order an island surcharge will be charged.

How much does shipping to Austria cost?

Size 60x45cm 9,90€
Size 80x60cm 12.90€
Size 100x75cm 12.90€
Size 120x90cm 15.90€
Size 160x120cm 19.90€

How much does it cost to ship to other EU countries?

Size 60x45cm 18,90€
Size 80x60cm 18.90€
Size 100x75cm 18.90€
Size 120x90cm 23.90€
Size 160x120cm 29.90€

How long does shipping take (within Germany)?

2-3 working days for posters (express shipping possible).

3-5 working days for canvas, Alu-DiBond and Forex (express shipping possible).

6-10 working days for acrylic glass

* Express shipping shortens time by one day. Saturday delivery not possible.

Which service provider will send my photo mosaic?
Our posters are delivered via DHL. All other products are shipped via DPD, whereas large formats are delivered by a special shipping company (SLH). However, if problems or bottlenecks occur spontaneously on the part of a forwarding agent, we will resort to alternatives so that your mosaic arrives as quickly as possible.

Which countries do you ship to?

worldwide 🙂

if you don’t find your country in the order, then simply contact us.

For deliveries to Switzerland we kindly ask you to place an order via

For delivery in America we ask about an order via

Can you send two orders together?
Of course! Posters can only be sent together with another poster. A poster and a canvas are sent separately for logistical reasons.

I need my photo mosaic very fast!
For customers who want to order a poster, canvas, Alu-DiBond or Forex, there is the possibility to pay via PayPal and select the option “express shipping”. So the photo mosaic arrives about 2 days after receipt of payment at the delivery address. However, we treat all our orders the same from the processing point of view – and all of them quickly!

Can I pick up my photo mosaic at your place?
A collection of the mosaic is possible in individual cases, please simply contact us.

7. why a mosaic of MakeMyMosaic

Können Sie zwei Bestellungen zusammen versenden?
Natürlich! Poster können nur zusammen mit einem anderen Poster verschickt werden. Ein Poster und eine Leinwand werden aus logistischen Gründen separat verschickt.

Ich brauche mein Fotomosaik sehr schnell!
Für Kunden, die ein Poster, Leinwand, Alu-DiBond oder Forex bestellen möchten, besteht die Möglichkeit, per PayPal zu bezahlen und die Option “Expressversand” auszuwählen. So kommt das Fotomosaik ca. 2 Tage nach Zahlungseingang bei der Lieferadresse an. Allerdings behandeln wir alle unsere Aufträge aus Sicht der Abwicklung gleich – und das alles schnell!

Kann ich mein Fotomosaik bei Ihnen abholen?
Eine Abholung des Mosaiks ist im Einzelfall möglich, bitte kontaktieren Sie uns einfach.

Don’t the questions help you?