Photo mosaic in aluminium frame

2 cm brushed aluminium

The photo mosaic is inserted in a 2cm wide aluminium frame. The sides of the frame are in a high-quality brushed surface. From the front the surface is glossy, as you can see on the product pictures. If you would rather have a matt aluminium look in the top view, simply add this wish to the free preview.

Noble - Light - Stable

The photo mosaic in the aluminium frame is initially produced on high-gloss photo paper, which enables us to achieve the best print quality of the individual images. Then your photo mosaic is laminated on a hard foam plate and provided with a protective foil. In the last step, the aluminium frame is built around your photo mosaic.

Ready to hang

Due to the frame, the photo mosaic can be hung directly, just like a canvas. In addition, we also attach two more hooks in the production, which can also be used for hanging.


  • Size
  • 60 x 45 cm
  • 80 x 60 cm
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  • Price
  • 168 €
  • 198 €
  • weitere Größen folgen bald!

production times

The production time of the photo mosaic in the aluminium frame is 1-3 working days.

Due to the frame you can hang the photo mosaic directly on it. In addition, there are two more hangers on the frame, which can be used optionally.