Fotomosaik als PDF Version

Photomosaic as PDF

Your mosaic as a digital file will be sent to you directly after receipt of payment via email. You can choose the size of the file at the preview request. The resolution will be optimized to 300 DPI. Thus the digital file can be printed without problems. Furthermore, you can use the PDF version to present with a beamer. Or you can use it as a background for invitation cards and flyers.

Technical data of the photo mosaic

Your photo mosaic will be sent as PDF with a resolution of 300 DPI in the ordered size. With the purchase of the digital file you have the possibility to do further processing yourself. You can, for example, make a saying about it or cut the mosaic into a heart shape.

Note for printing the photo mosaic PDF

Our production is specialized for mosaic pictures. This means that we use high quality materials and special printing techniques to ensure the best result and recognition. If you want to print your mosaic yourself, we cannot guarantee that the individual images and the mosaic will look good later. Especially when printing on canvas there are many different materials, only very special fabric structures are suitable for photo mosaics. Also with the products Alu-DiBond, Forex and acrylic glass there are big differences in the production processes. Most standard print shops are only suitable for pictures that are viewed from a certain distance. However, photo mosaics are usually viewed from a very close distance, so that special printing processes are necessary to make the individual images recognizable.

Prices to the photo mosaic as PDF

(Incl. 19% VAT)

60 x 45 cm24 €
80 x 60 cm34 €
100 x 75 cm44 €
120 x 90 cm54 €
160 x 120 cm64 €
bis 300 x 200 cm144 €

Production time

The digital file (PDF) will be sent to your e-mail address immediately after receipt of payment.