Photomosaic as canvas

You can decide whether we should stretch your photo mosaic on a 2 cm or on a 4 cm stretcher frame. Depending on which variant is chosen, 3 cm or 5 cm of the main picture will be wrapped around the frame. Therefore, when selecting the motif, you should make sure that there are no important parts of the picture near the edges. If you do not want a part of your main picture to be folded over, we print the pages in white, black or mirrored border – your photo mosaic will be displayed completely on the front. For a photo mosaic on canvas, the main image is required in a 4:3 aspect ratio. If your main image does not have this format, we will crop it free of charge.

No light reflection on the photo mosaic screen

Your photo mosaic does not only look high quality on canvas, it also fits to almost every interior. The canvas fabric reflects light only minimally and can therefore also be hung up without problems near windows.

Prices for photo mosaic as canvas

(Incl. 19% VAT)

SizeFrame 4cmFrame 2cm
60 x 45 cm99 €89 €
80 x 60 cm106 €96 €
100 x 75 cm146 €126 €
120 x 90 cm176 €156 €
160 x 120 xm216 €196 €

More sizes in XXL can be found here:

Production times of the photo mosaic

Die Produktions- und Lieferzeiten für ein Leinwand-Mosaik beträgt 3 – 5 Arbeitstage nach Zahlungseingang. Bei Bedarf kann ein Expressversand hinzugebucht werden. Für die Lieferung wird das Mosaik in Luftpolsterfolie verpackt und so für den Transport geschützt.

Premium fabric especially for photo mosaics

A print on canvas is very different due to the surface structure of the fabric. With unsuitable and coarse materials, the individual images are later very difficult to recognize. We therefore use a special canvas fabric, which we have optimized for the production of photo mosaics. The fabric is very smooth and can therefore be printed with a high resolution. This is not an artist’s canvas, as these are too coarsely structured for photo mosaics. Furthermore your mosaic will be adjusted during production and printed with 600 DPI. Thus we achieve the best print quality and recognizability of the single pictures. The fabric is then pulled onto the canvas by hand, so we can guarantee optimal alignment. A high quality and stable wooden frame is used.