Photo mosaic as acrylic glass

Acrylic glass, also known as Plexiglas®, is a synthetic, glass-like plastic. Compared to normal glass, acrylic glass is characterised by its extremely high load-bearing capacity. For the acrylic glass variant, the main image is required in a 4:3 aspect ratio. If your main picture does not have this format, we will cut it to size free of charge.

Premium image quality of the photo mosaic

On acrylic glass your photo mosaic looks shiny and noble. It inspires by brilliant colors and a fascinating image sharpness. The acrylic glass creates an additional impression of depth and at the same time protects your mosaic from external influences.

Acrylic glass Photo mosaic Alu-Dibond reinforcement

The mosaic is printed on high-quality photographic paper and laminated onto a 4 mm thick acrylic glass plate using a special printing process. With the product acrylic glass with Alu-Dibond, a 3 mm thick Alu-Dibond rear wall is also used, so that the photo mosaic looks higher quality and is stabilized. From a plate size of 80cm length we recommend to choose the aluminium frame suspension or the Alu-DiBond reinforcement, so that you can counteract the natural curvature. The plate is attached to the back of the mosaic using a special adhesive. The Alu-Dibond rear panel consists of two layers of aluminium which are joined together by a polyethylene core (plastic). A special aluminium alloy protects the Alu-Dibond combination against corrosion, is UV-resistant and suitable for temperatures between -50°C and +80°C. The aluminium is also resistant to UV rays.

Prices for photo mosaic as acrylic glass

(Incl. 19% VAT)

Sizewith DiBondwithout DiBond
60 x 45 cm149 €119 €
80 x 60 cm229 €139 €
100 x 75 cm279 €189 €
120 x 90 cm389 €279 €

More sizes in XXL can be found here:

Production times of the photo mosaic

The production and delivery times for your mosaic on acrylic glass are 3 – 6 working days after receipt of payment. For delivery, the mosaic is packed in bubble wrap and provided with side protection. In urgent cases an express delivery can be booked.


Metal Bracket (8,50€)

The adhesive suspension plate can easily be attached to the upper part of the back. Two additional plastic spacers at the bottom ensure that the mosaic can be placed perfectly aligned on the wall.

  • Can be used up to a plate size of 100x75cm
  • Assembly instructions included